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Grada Coffee + Spirit

Grada Coffee + Spirit

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Grada has a base of single-farm hot brewed coffee that is then fortified with Australian grain spirit to 16% abv. It can be enjoyed as a premium sippable liqueur as well as replacing coffee or traditional coffee liqueurs in cocktails. Grada can also be simply shaken over ice to produce one of the best Espresso Martinis you’ll ever taste. No other ingredients necessary.

The Borré’s motto is ‘Mindful Coffee’. This describes their commitment to acting mindfully and ensuring that their family values and vision (that centre around excellence, innovation, and environmental and social responsibility) are informing every decision they make and defining how they do business. It is responsibly sourced for us by the excellent team at Melbourne Coffee Merchants. We're proud to say we know exactly where the coffee in Grada comes from, and now you do too.

Sweet and creamy, with caramel sweetness balanced by black tea on the finish. Caramelised orange, red apple and hazelnut.

Use Grada wherever you’d use coffee or coffee liqueur in a cocktail, or shake over ice for the perfect Espresso Martini, no other ingredients necessary.

Grada has a shelf-life of 18 months. Once opened it's best kept in the fridge.

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Grada Coffee + Spirit is stocked by many of Australia's very best bars

Find us in your favourite spots, or grab a bottle to take home and we'll keep you up-to-date on recipes to try.


Coffee cocktails for the modern drinker — embracing the joy of the Espresso Martini but looking beyond it too.

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    Grada Espresso Martini

    Coffee, alcohol and sugar - the ingredients of an Espresso Martini and also of Grada Coffee + Spirit. This cool kid drink from London's 1980s is a perfect balancing act of bitter, sweet and strong.

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    Coffee Old Fashioned

    Tequila and Grada rewrite the old fashioned as you've always known it. A delicate hint of smoke from the mezcal, rum'n'raisin coffee sweetness and a distinctly vegetal backbone. The future of classics lies this way.

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    Coffee + Tonic

    Keep it simple. Grada's traceable, exceptionally processed coffee is given the spotlight in this easy spirit + mixer. How we'd recommend it every time.