GRADA honours the enterprise of growing, sourcing, roasting and brewing great coffee.

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What is a Coffee + Spirit?

Honestly, we made it up. But for a good reason - Grada doesn’t currently fit into any category that exists on the bottle shop shelves. We started as a coffee company that sourced and roasted truly exceptional single-estate beans, and when we wanted to break into booze we kept that central to what we created.

So it’s coffee-first and coffee-driven.

Everything else that exists in Grada (only two other ingredients; Australian grain spirit and sugar) plays a supporting role. We use neutral grain at 96% so we can fit more coffee inside and less volume is given to spirit, while sugar is simply there to dial up the flavour - just like you add salt to your food.

Coffee cocktails for a modern drinker — embracing the joy of the Espresso Martini but looking beyond it too.

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    Espresso Martini

    Coffee, alcohol and sugar - the ingredients of an Espresso Martini and also of Grada Coffee + Spirit. This cool kid drink from London's 1980s is a perfect balancing act of bitter, sweet and strong.

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    Coffee Old Fashioned

    Tequila and Grada rewrite the old fashioned as you've always known it. A delicate hint of smoke from the mezcal, rum'n'raisin coffee sweetness and a distinctly vegetal backbone. The future of classics lies this way.

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    Coffee + Tonic

    Keep it simple. Grada's traceable, exceptionally processed coffee is given the spotlight in this easy spirit + mixer. How we'd recommend it every time.


Grada is a worksmith venture

Worksmith is a drinks innovator and hospitality incubation company. Based in Melbourne, Worksmith's goal is, and has always been, to grow hospitality as an industry and to do it together, with its community. With an exceptional range of liquids and a focused events programme, Worksmith is guided and shaped by the team of industry professionals at its heart.